Employees waste four weeks a year due to slow and outdated tech, finds report.

This equates to around a value of £2,100 per employee down the drain annually.

A new report by Sharp found when companies have slow and outdated IT, it costs their business four whole weeks per year per employee, this works out around £2,100 per person.

The largest drain adding to this figure was searching for files on their companies servers, it was found to account for an average of around 23 minutes per day, and can be associated with slow search functions.

According to the report the total wastage has been suggested to be around 40 minutes every day per employee, this equates to 167 hours per month which is lost working time to their businesses due to bad technology.

He continues to say that “Businesses must wake up to the importance of connected technologies that work in sync with their employees’ changing needs and allow them to get the best out of their team, as well as making for a more motivated, more productive workplace”.

Nimble Storage UK and Ireland’s systems manager Rich Fenton was recently part of a Computing web seminar, he argued the disk slowdown issue is not easily overcome by adding additional storage to the problem.

Rich Fenton continued to add “Traditional disks are great for capacity. But from a performance perspective, they’re not so great.”

“It’s very hard to solve a performance problem with traditional disks, and that’s where flash comes in.”

From the 1,000 UK office employees that Sharp asked, 80% of them said their office was in fact “out of date when it comes to technology”.

In addition to this, 64% felt that if “if their office had better technology… they would be more productive”, also interestingly 19% said a complete office technology upgrade would stop them looking for a new job.

Sharp managing director Stuart Skykes in the UK has suggested that “this dead time can mean lost opportunities, lost profits and even lost employees”.

“Using a combination of disk and flash-based storage enables you to provide a balance between cost and performance.”