The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has had a profound effect on business in the UK and across the world. With enforced lockdowns now in place across many nations, businesses are facing the reality of having to work outside of the office, with staff in their homes for a prolonged period. In this instance, it is important to be able to maintain good communication with your customers and between your staff – preferably with as little disruption as possible. That is why Tiva have announced a short-term emergency Coronavirus VoIP telephony package.

This package is available to ease the pressure on your business to keep trading normally and communicating effectively with your customers, suppliers and staff throughout these difficult times. It comprises of a softphone, either desktop-based or on your Android or iOS smartphone and a VoIP telephony package that has the ability to do call forwarding, voicemail, hunt-groups and has 200 minutes thrown in.

Your staff can work from home comfortably in no time at all, receiving calls from their desk phone in the office as normal to either their mobile phone or PC. Furthermore, your staff can dial out on their office number, reducing confusion and helping your business to maintain its forward-facing appearance to customers.

To assist during the unprecedented disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic, Tiva are offering this as an emergency service on a reduced price. The service can be up-and-running quickly to give you peace of mind that you can continue with as little disruption and delay as possible.

Cost-effective VoIP telephony to beat the pandemic

One-Time Costs

A one-time fee applies for setting up your VoIP service. This is a flat fee based on the number of staff at your organisation.

£25.00 + VAT per user

Monthly Costs

Covid VoIP service which includes DDI, Voicemail, Smartphone application (for softphone capability) and 200 bundled minutes

£8.99 + VAT per user / per month

This is reduced from the usual £13.25 + VAT per user / per month

How long is this offer available?

We will constantly review our offer of this service based on government advice related to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this service will be available initially for four months starting in March 2020.

What about Zoom/Teams?

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are proving to be very useful for many businesses during this pandemic. Some businesses are using Zoom or Teams to conduct calls instead of using desk phones as normal.

Zoom and Teams are both great services, but they do not offer you the continuity that the Tiva emergency VoIP plan can. Your customers will dial your office first and may not be aware that they will now need to contact you on Zoom or Teams. It is reliant on you getting the word out among your customer and supplier base. With Tiva’s emergency VoIP service, if a customer or supplier calls your office they will immediately be routed to your phone at home – maintaining that continuity. Furthermore, this works for dialling out too. Your staff can dial out on their normal office number to avoid confusion.

If you are looking for Teams also, have you heard that Microsoft are offering a 6-Month free trial of Office 365 E1, which includes Teams? Read about it in our blog >> 

What happens at the end of the offer period?

At the end of the offer period you can choose to cancel your service or continue with it, but at the normal rate of £13.25 + VAT per user / per month

How soon can I get started?

The pandemic is seeing increased demand for remote working services across the board, so the sooner you act the faster you can have this service installed.

We will move quickly to get your business up and running with emergency VoIP – we know how time critical this is!

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