Assurance plan

Microsoft announces 16 years of support for Windows, SQL Servers

December 15, 2016

New ‘Premium Assurance’ plan extends support by six years, means Windows Server 2008 R2 will live until 2026. Current Redmond offers around 5 years of mainstream support to the above…

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google emoji

Looking for a nearby place to eat or shop? Just tweet Google an emoji

Find local stops with just a single pictogram. Whether it be baked into Google Home or built surrounding the companies’ digital assistant, Google loves being able to overcrowd their web-searching…

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Microsoft won’t provide extended support for Office 2007 products beyond October 2017 deadline

December 1, 2016

Important information for anyone involved in their companies IT infrastructure:- Microsoft’s Office 2007/Exchange 2007 wave of client and server software is set to exit support in October 2017, and extended…

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Bletchley Park will train codebreaking teen hackers

Historic site will house the National College of Cyber Security Bletchley Park is going to be the home once again to the brightest young minds in codebreaking and will host the…

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