Password solutions provider LastPass warns about poor passwords and password fatigue

November 28, 2017

LastPass are a password management service, recently it has produced a report with stats on poor passwords and warned that poor passwords are a problem along with the people associated with them.

Our new report, The Password Exposé, takes a deep-dive into the everyday reality of workplace passwords. Through aggregated, anonymized data from companies using LastPass, we measured the true scale of password problems faced by the average business” it said.

“81 per cent of confirmed data breaches are due to passwords. Yet despite the alarming news cycle, too many businesses are failing to respond to the threat, with 61 per cent of IT executives relying exclusively on employee education.”

The average LastPass using employee manages 191 passwords, according to the report. This is almost four times as many as the firm suggests as an average. “We all have a general sense that we have too many passwords to remember, but actual LastPass usage highlights just how alarming the password situation is,” it explained.

The report reveals seven “other shocking truths about the state of passwords in the workplace”, unless you are looking at the copy we have which has eight truths about the problem.

The first of this is that passwords are everyone’s really day to day problem, we have all I’m sure been affected by password related issues, secondly people are really being overwhelmed by the number of passwords they have to manage, this is why LastPass looks to promote this sort of this, you will need to register for the whole thing but no password is needed and why not?.

You will learn that around 80% of proven breaches are caused by weak, reused or stolen passwords, and additionally around 4.2 billion credentials were stolen in 2016, the inclination is people are the problem.

“The human element is the largest and most effective attack surface. Every business needs to re-evaluate their security policies and adapt accordingly,” said Matt Kaplan, GM at LastPass.