Only one-in-five major organisations confident they will be ready for GDPR

November 28, 2017

Data sprawl is a significant challenge for multi-nationals. It has been reported recently that around 38% of companies do not think they will be ready for the GDPR by Mary…

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Password solutions provider LastPass warns about poor passwords and password fatigue

LastPass are a password management service, recently it has produced a report with stats on poor passwords and warned that poor passwords are a problem along with the people associated…

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More than 80% of firms to move more workloads to public cloud in the next two years

November 20, 2017

OpsRamp a hybrid cloud company has done some research, it is showing that the most organisations are looking to commit more IT workloads to the cloud over the next 2…

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Most businesses misguided on responsibility for cloud data protection

November 6, 2017

A survey is showing that more than 80% of organisations mistakenly believe that their cloud service provider is accountable for data protection. Research has found that around eight of 10…

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What does GDPR mean to security?

GDPR can make cybercrime seem even more terrifying, but can actually be a tool to keep predators at bay. Being affected by Cybercrime is not good news for businesses. The…

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