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How information security professionals can help business understand cyber risk

January 31, 2017

Information security is continually moving up business and board agendas, but information security professionals find it challenging to help business leaders to understand fully the cyber risks across increasingly digital…

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Different industries have different concerns in regards to Cyber Security

Alex Ayers who is the co-founder and consulting director at Turnkey Consulting is saying that information security professionals must remember that businesses do see security as an important concern amongst other things…

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cyber security

Raising cyber security awareness

January 30, 2017

Cyber security is everybody’s responsibility, says Maxine Holt, principal analyst at the Information Security Forum (ISF). “Start by raising awareness across the organisation because people are an organisation’s biggest asset and also…

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Personnel departments targeted by GoldenEye ransomware hidden in job applications

January 16, 2017

Cover letter hides Excel file laden with GoldenEye malware. A new version of the Petya Ransomware called GoldenEye is targeting personnel departments, companies are being inundated with fake job applications…

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